Hedgerow Management



You have arrived at this section because you have either planted a hedgerow intending to manage it, or want to think about getting more from your existing hedgerow than just firewood. We have already outlined the benefits of a managed hedgerow and why it might be an option on your land rather than a shelterbelt or unmanaged hedgerow or fencerow (LINK). This section will outline the theory and practice of hedgerow management, including the traditional skill of hedgelaying. Much of what we know about hedgerow management comes from Europe, but it's important to remember that, building on the basics, practices (best, good or otherwise) should have their own 'place-based expression'. There should also be room for the stubborn vernacular- the 'well, that's just how we do it here" approach.


These pages will develop in due course to guide the North American hedgerow manager in good practice for hedgerow management. While we work with you towards this end, please visit the RESOURCES (Insert Link) page for existing guides to hedgerow management.